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Courses ranging from design, technology, management, to vocational training – under the umbrella of building sciences.


To bring the world to India. Knowledge transfer from Switzerland. International exposure to students in India.

Indian student have the opportunity to gain practical and educational experience abroad.


Promotes intercultural learning, in diverse teams, a product for the future generation as the world is becoming more global.


Platform for Swiss India knowledge exchange and opening for Swiss institutes and companies to collaborate with India partners and  promote exchange of expertise.


Applied education – praxis oriented and linked to the market.


what we offer?

IN:CH in collaboration with SIA has developed a product to achieve, Swiss and international participation in Indian education; in the field of building sciences. The international platform – IN:CH Academy is, a School of architecture; related to the Swiss education model, Competence centre; for international and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and a School of vocational training for construction trades.

Locally well intergrated, yet linked to an international network; where knowledge can be exchanged, processes will be kicked off and co-operations established. Experts and students can work in intercultural, interdisciplinary and international teams


 The architecture school will be another layer to the equation to provide the students will complete holistic education. It will be the first of its kind, an international school of architecture in India. 

The faculty from the partner universities conducts courses and lectures at the school, which gives the students tremendous international exposure.

The competence centre, runs international advanced training courses for graduates of architecture& engineering.

Several universities in Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Japan are partners, who are interested to conduct international courses in India.

The vocational training runs courses for the carpenters, plumbers, masons, painters, welders, etc.

Switzerland has an interest to export their model of the dual system of education for vocational training to India. 





Stefan Cadosch

Architect ETH

President – SIA

Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects


“We are sure that IN:CH and the Swiss experts, together will build a sustainable and open institution and we encourage, investors and donators to invest. “

Prof. Myriam Gautschi 

Dean – Faculty Architecture & Design

HTWG Konstanz


“This would be an excellent learning opportunity for students and faculty, in developing courses, workshops, exchange and lecture programs together with IN:CH Academy, Hochschule Konstanz- Germany and the Escola da Cidade – Brazil.”

Mauro Dell’Ambrogio

Stare Secretary - SERI

State Secretariat for Education, Research and Research


“SERI welcomes the IN:CH Academy initiative, it takes the aspects of Swiss education into consideration and intends to highlight them in India. This could spark the development of networks and skills in both our countries”


Jürg Grunder

Founder of IN:CH studio and IN:CH architects and planners. Won the Credit-Swiss award for best teaching in 2010.

He has been a professor of architecture, in India and Switzerland, for more than 20 years. Worked as a practicing architect for sustainable architecture and urban settlements.

Claude Marbach

Founding member and principal architect at mlzd arcihitects in Biel in 1997 and represents a versatile architects collective, which can look back on more than 30 first prizes in international competitions and more than 40 built projects . 

Dalia Schipper

Founder of Skillswork -Gmbh.

She is a specialist in the field of education science and can look back on 15 years of experience and involvement

in education systems, educational institutions, in the politics connected with education and particularly in vocational training.

Daniel Meyer

President of the board of director of Dr. Lüchinger+Meyer- credible and internationally well know structural engineering companies, based in Zurich. Founded in 1994, the company has worked with famous architects on several award winning building.

He is currently the Vice President of SIA.

Martin Joos

Founding member and managing partner of ADUNIC. He has worked in the construction industry for the past 20 years and during that time has been able to apply and expand his knowledge and experience in well over 200 projects.

Ambica Ganesh

Participated in IN:CH studio. Worked in Switzerland, has an inate understanding of the IN:CH philosophy through her experience. She is associated with IN:CH for four years.

Stephan Waldhauser

Mechanical engineer and expert in HVAC systems, he has worked on projects in London, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand and Switzerland. Currently on the board of directors at Waldhauser+Hermann AG– Münchenstein, since 2014.

He is also teaching at the University of Applied sciences- Basel, since 2012.